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Being a student is a beautiful phase of life. This page is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing students, student entrepreneurs, and student businesses. I hope that this page inspires and connects you to students all over the world. If you or someone you know would like to be featured, send me an email at winiade@gmail.com.


undergraduate student spotlight

I still believe being an undergraduate student is the absolute best time of education. The students you will find here are putting the 'A' in 'Amazing', and have big dreams to share. You should really just get comfortable in a nice spot, and enjoy the journeys of the undergraduate students featured here.


graduate student spotlight

These students decided to chase their dreams by going for degrees higher than their baccalaureate. In this column you will find stories filled with deep determination because these graduate student go against a lot of odds to add another feather to their hats.


Studentprenuers are simply 'Students + Entrepreneurs'. This column shares the stories of individuals that started a business, organization, or company, as students. I am equally humbled and blown away by these people. I even run out of words to describe what you will read here, just click below and be inspired.