Baked French Toast - Student Recipe

Hi, Amazing People,

Today is another episode of delicious. This is a French Toast recipe without the 'frying'. It's like cheating calories. I figured since it's loaded with the all this sweetness, let's just skip the oil and frying. I'm sure you will enjoy this recipe.


Eggs - 2
Brown Sugar - 1 Table Spoon
Cinnamon Powder - 1 Teaspoon
Milk - 1/3 Cup
Vanilla Extract - 1 Teaspoon
Bread - 4 Slices


1) In a clean bowl, add eggs, brown sugar, cinnamon powder, milk, and vanilla extract
2) Whisk mixture until everything is combined
3) Slice bread diagonally, dip into the mixture (from step 1), and place soaked bread in a lined baking pan
4) Bake bread for 15 minutes in 350F/180C


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