Rice and Beans Bowl - Student Meal Inspiration

Hi, Amazing People,

I hope everyone is doing very well. I am typing this while I get ready for bed. I had one of those days where I hit every one of the goals for the day. Now, you know those kinds of days don't come all the time. So, with tired hands and exhausted eyes, I'm actually pretty excited to share this simple lunch inspiration with you. 

This is not actually a recipe. It was a Sunday evening, and I wanted to put together a really simple lunch for the week. I enjoy burrito bowls from Mexican restaurants, and I wanted to recreate something similar with a Nigerian touch. If you're Nigerian, this will remind you of rice and beans with stew, only with more vegetables and bursting flavour. If you're not Nigerian, this will be very nice for you to try out. At the time of typing this post, I don't have a simple recipe for tomato stew yet, but I will update this once I have it uploaded. 


1) Boiled White Rice
2) Boiled Plain Beans or (Black Eyed Peas)
3) Boiled Corn
4) Chopped Tomatoes
5) Tomato Stew
6) Chicken
7) Parsley


1) Simply combine as shown below. Very easy!

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