Must-Know Secrets of Strong Letters of Recommendation

This article explains what undergraduate and graduate students need to know about strong letters of recommendation. It explains the secrets and what members of the admission committee look for when they read your letter of recommendation.

How To Find Supervisors and Mentors for Graduate School and Assistantships

Here are some tips on what to say when you contact professors for mentorship or laboratory placement: Show that you’re familiar with their research, Identify qualifications of interest, Propose a project that relates to the professor’s research or area of interest, and Identify what you will bring to the laboratory or research team.

Different Types Of Scholarships For International Students

These are seven types of scholarships that could help international students fund their education in the United States or Canada. They include Merit or Academic Scholarships, Need-based Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships, Talent Scholarships, Disability Scholarships, Diversity Scholarships, Private Scholarships.