Hi There,
My name is Winifred Adebayo. I’m a nurse, researcher, and assistant professor by day, and the director of Winie’s Student World at night. I love spicy food, romantic comedies, and music. I am passionate about helping people. My experiences as an international student in the United States motivated me to start this platform that has grown into a community, fondly referred to as the “Winning Tribe.”

I remember how confused I was starting life in a different country far away from home. I quickly realized that so many people feel that way about life as a student, career choices, and finding themselves altogether. No one has it all figured out, but we can share bits and pieces of what we have learned from our individual journeys. Notice I said “We”, yes I need you and your voice too.

Here at Winie’s Student World, you will find free resources that will excite you. Most people love my fun take on student life and career tips. Of course, as an international student and now a professional, I have a lot to say about living in the United States and navigating the system. I always have stories to share about myself. And oh, how can I leave out my YouTube channel.

I’m ecstatic you’re here and have taken the time to get to know me. To continue on this adventure, click here.