My passion for writing and sharing just wouldn’t let me be. So, here I am doing the inevitable…blogging.

My names are Oluwamuyiwa Winifred Adebayo. Most people call me ‘Winifred’. Previously, I thought of myself as an aspiring Nurse Scientist. That was until I realized I could go without eating and sleeping, writing non-scientific articles. 

After much thought, I decided I’ll call myself a Writer who has nursing and research skills. I’m passionate about turning knowledge, ideas, and opinions into thought-provoking pieces of writing. However, I need the ‘high’ of clinical experience and groundbreaking research to keep my blood flowing. Currently, I am a Doctoral student at the University of Miami. When my brain needs a break from science, I spend my time writing for blogs, websites, and magazines. 

After much debate with myself, I started Winie’s Student World early in 2015 as a way to share my journey as a student and aspiring entrepreneur. I’ve been a student for the last 8 years and I’ve learned a few things on how to rock student life. I share everything, from my experiences to tips/tricks, recipes, and affordable deals. I also talk about living as an international student in the United States. It was the only way to make sure I released all my raving-thoughts and slept well at night.

So, in summary:

                              “Here is life through my eyes”

Contact me, because I’m addicted to everything I do (Seriously!).


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