Thank You For 50,000 Views

a) I’m hella proud of my work so far

b) I have no plans of giving-up

c) This blog will be an international sensation very soon

d) I have grown so much in the past few months of blogging.

I had a deep urge to do something more with the gift of life; that was when blogging came to mind. I started clueless and quite honestly – scared. But I look at the numbers today and I’m grateful. Of course I know this is nothing compared to blogs with millions of views; but, I’m happy and grateful. 

So, THANK YOU! Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing. I appreciate the emails, questions, and suggestions.

On that note, let’s continue make this blog an ‘

international sensation


Don’t go yet; let

Winie give you a gift

I’m hosting a giveaway;


people will receive electronic


gift cards worth $5. To qualify is very simple;

drop a comment with your email address

. The first three people,



Until we chat in the comment-section,

Make it a Winning-Day


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