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Your heart is probably racing like a sport’s car and you may already be rotating between sofas and your bed ….. No company/organization accepted you for a summer job/internship. The horrible combination of being idle and/or broke is gradually becoming your best friend.

I know EXACTLY how you feel; it’s not a pretty mental or emotional state. With few positions available to students or as an international student, having restrictions everywhere, it could be pretty tough. No! You should not sit down at home and do nothing while waiting for the next semester or a new job. So, let’s discuss how to make this summer or other unplanned holidays productive.

#1 Volunteer

This is the most under-explored but the most rewarding experience; I also talk about volunteering in ways to fill up your resume. I am a student and I recognize and understand the need to earn money while working. However, some experiences are priceless. Most institutions and organizations will welcome people who want to help and learn in return. When you volunteer, you gain experiences in your chosen field or other fields which are more valuable to your future when compared to monetary benefits. This keeps you on track in developing skills related to your career that will make you more marketable. Don’t be restricted to organizations that are strictly related to your area of interest. Exploring other fields can spice you up as a professional and help you be more certain or change your career aspirations.

#2 Work on Previous Projects

You know how we students do our thing … all the narrow escape grades and unfinished projects from previous semesters. This is the time to finish those papers, presentations, and projects that you carried over. Even if there’s no longer a grade attached to it, you could learn more things or build upon them for bigger and better projects.

#3 Start-Up Something

Students are a basket of ideas. The educational environment gives you the opportunity to dream and have CRAZY ideas. When you don’t get a job or internship, you might just have a window to develop that idea that has lingered on your mind. A good number of successful entrepreneurs launched their business or products after quitting their jobs, getting fired, or leaving school. We have featured a living testimony on Winie’s Student World; remember Beatrice Mackintosh?  (Read about her here). The next CEO might be you.

#4 Take Classes

This can help you improve yourself or count towards you graduating early. If you don’t have money to take more classes for credit or don’t want to spend the money, use free online classes; YouTube is also a great resource for courses. This might be the time to brush up on those classes that have a second part coming up in the next semester; especially those F’s you narrowly escaped (trust me, I know). Even if you performed well, some course, for example, subjects in the science family have a way of slipping out of your memory when abandoned for too long. You could also learn something new that may not be related to what you’re studying. If you don’t have friendly internet services, the library is still a good friend.

#5 Revisit Hobbies

This is a good time to catch up on those things you enjoy doing but haven’t had enough time to pursue them. If you have a hobby that can fetch you small money on the side, EMPLOY YOURSELF. A lot of people can bake, make beads, paint, draw, write, braid hair, etc. You never know, someone around you might be willing to pay for your services or products. Even if there’s no one to pay, you can make yourself and people around you happy with your hobbies.

This article targets students, but the tips shared can be used by anyone. I urge everyone, regardless of if you have an internship/job or not, to set goals. Clearly write out what you will like to achieve at the end of this summer and work towards it. At the same time, make out time to safely enjoy yourself.

Make it a Winning-day

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  1. I like the point about Volunteering. On revisiting past projects, I have tried to do that with a number of projects but each time, I just couldn't get it done. Seemed like the steam I needed – which should have been supplied by school deadlines – was gone.

  2. I agree. Something we all struggle with is self-motivation. But like I suggested, if you visit those projects wit a goal in mind, it gives that adrenaline-rush that deadlines give.

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