Unlock Your Dream of Studying in the US & Canada Fully Funded with our

Graduate School Application Accelerator Program.

A Comprehensive self-paced online course for International Students seeking to further their studies abroad with funding opportunities.

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This Accelator Program is a Perfect Fit For you if

  • You are looking for ways to leave the country and you’ve decided to go the study route.
  • You are hoping to pursue a higher education in the United States or Canada
  • You do not have enough money to cover your application fees and tuition and hope to get funded opportunities and scholarships.
  • You are worried about how your grade points can get you into the right school fit and program.
  • You get confused and overwhelmed with research on best school, best course and career prospects after school.
  • You plan to get settled immediately with a job and work visa during and after study.
  • You deserve to attend Ivy league schools, but you don’t know how to get there.
  • You have gone through multiple rejections in the past and need expert assistance now.

Switch the Odds in Your Favour

Your journey begins here, with the Graduate School Accelerator Program. This comprehensive bootcamp is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and guidance needed to navigate the complex application process successfully.

Our Founder’s Story: From International Student to Accomplished Professional

Dr, Winnie Adebayo’s story is one of determination and resilience, a journey from being an international student in the USA to becoming a thriving professional. Her dedication led her to earn a PhD in Nursing from the University of Miami and a spot at Rush Medical College, where she currently hones her medical skills as a Surgeon.

She also has multiple scholarships and awards to her name which had helped her gotten to this level of success. Some of which are:

  • Diversity in Health Scholar, United Health Foundation
  • Cook County Physicians Association Scholarship
  • Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellowship Scholar
  • Legacy Lab Rising Star, The Legacy Lab
  • Richard L. and Helen Thomas Endowed Medical Student Scholar
  • Research Education Institute for Diverse Scholar, Yale University.

As a seasoned professional, Dr. Adebayo’s journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring scholars looking to follow in her footsteps. She strives to give back to the African community by assisting them in navigating the complex world of international studies.

If you are ready to advance in the grad school application process, click on the link below to get in!

Why Choose the Graduate School Accelerator Program?

Visa Guidance: Navigate the visa application process with confidence through our visa guidance resources, inspired by Dr. Adebayo’s own experiences.

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Expert Guidance:

Our program is developed by our top educational  consultants, including Dr. Adebayo, who understand the nuances of international student applications.

Exclusive Community:

You can join a supportive network of fellow international students who are on the same journey as you, guided by Winie’s Student World’s principles of excellence.

Comprehensive Content:

 Access a wealth of recorded lectures, tutorials, and resources that cover every aspect of applying to graduate schools in the US and Canada.

Personalized Support:

Receive personalized feedback on your application materials, including your resume, statement of purpose, and 2- weeks of accountability to guide you during your journey.

What You'll Learn:

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Crafting a compelling statement of purpose.

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Choosing the right universities and programs.

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Navigating the visa application process.

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Excelling in interviews and exams.

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Securing funding and scholarships.

Early Access Discount:

Enroll now between September 16th and September 30th before the course commence on October 2nd, and benefit from our 10% discount promo price of 45K instead of 50K.


Account Name: Oluwamuyiwa Adebayo

Account Number: 3065412001

Bank Name: First Bank

*For Confirmation:*

Send receipt to this number on Whatsapp: +18148087108 or via email on [email protected]

You don't have to take our word for it:

Hear from past participants who have successfully achieved their dream of studying in the US and Canada through our past bootcamps and webinars.

Ferguson Osas

Winie's Student World was the game the changer for me. They literally held my hand through the application process for a Master Degree program in the US and also guided me through the visa application process. I definitely wouldn't have been able to get it right if it wasn't for them. Dr. WInie scrutinized everything, my essays, Resume and every other application document. I didn't have to go through the whole application process more than once, because I had capable guidance.

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Margaret Ayorinde

Winnie Student World made the journey easy and seamless for me. I did not have to worry about what to do and how to do them because I had a huge support that guided and took care of a whole lot for me. I strongly recommend Winnie Student Word

Your Grade Don’t Matter.

First Class, Second Class (Upper or Lower), Third Class.

There’s an open opportunity for you. All you need is to know the right strategies which you’ll find in our course program. 

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A Peek at Our Course Overview

Graduate School Accelerator Program

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Preparing and Taking Standardized Tests:
This section of the Bootcamp will walk you through how to go from ‘zero’ to ‘hundred’ in preparing for standardized tests and help you get what you require for admission.
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Transcript Request and Appraisal:
This module covers the step-by-step process of requesting and sending your transcript for admission.
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Crafting Irresistible Personal Statements:
This describes how to find your ‘why’ and tell your story in a statement.
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Searching for tailor-fit schools:
This module teaches how to search for the Right School: Tips and Tricks!
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Game-Changing Recommendation Letters:
This shows how to get letters that make you shine.
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Resume/CV Makeover:
Describes how to strengthen how you look on paper.
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Welcome to the Graduate School Accelerator Program!
This gives the basics of a successful application account.
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Free templates, checklists, and worksheets!!!

Dream Big and Take Action

If you are not ready to go all in and take this journey serious, don’t bother signing up. 

We are only eager to assist equally eager and focused people. If this describes you, quickly join our Graduate School Accelerator Program today and turn your dream into a reality. We will hold your hands as you follow our steady footsteps.