How To Get Foreign Currency When Traveling Abroad

Easiest Ways To Access Foreign Currency Without Stress in Nigeria When you plan to travel out of the country, one of the most important essentials you need is legal tender. Atleast enough to keep you in check for a week or so. For most people, getting this foreign currency could seem a herculean task especially […]

6 Myths About F1 Student Visa Renewal

Every international student planning to study in the USA, will need to get a student immigrant visa, otherwise known as an F1 visa, before migrating to the country. After getting admission from a US university or college, the student thereafter goes for a visa interview with the required documents. When this visa is given, the […]

We have a New Name – Introducing Ankara Cookin’

Most of you met and followed me as ‘Winie’s Student Recipe,’ and I’m genuinely grateful for that phase of this brand. After some time way and really thinking about the focus of my passion, I have decided to change its name to ” Ankara Cookin’. “

Potato Porridge

My favorite thing about Porridge dishes is that you throw everything in a pot and slow-cook to perfection. That is exactly what happened in this delicious bowl of Porridge Potato.

Wondering How The Story Ends

I felt similar things four years ago after my bachelors. I am taking it one day at a time and these are some things I have been doing to keep the peace in my head and heart. Meditation If you are still in the category of people that wait for things or people to make […]

4 Fruits and 7 Different Smoothie Recipes for Students

My Amazing People! How is everyone doing? Winie is typing this post with sleepy-eyes; otherwise, I’m FABULOUS. Today’s recipe literally “Stretches the DOLLAR”. I walked into the store and I was thinking of the best way to spend the money I had, when this idea came to my mind. Before we go any further, let’s […]