End-of-Semester Tips for International Students

 We are already anticipating the holiday as the semester is coming to an end.

While the plan is to have as much fun as possible, it is also important to boost that resume. As we prepare to go home, relax, work, or some combination of these, there are some things to tick off your list.

Final Exam

Exams could make up large percentages of course grades. You may have been putting in some effort into your courses, but you also need to ace your exams. Some pointers for this are:

  1. Review your assignments and tests: Many students focus on reading textbooks and other course materials but ignore the most obvious exam preparation materials: previous tests and assignments. Previous tests and assignments give you a good idea of your professor’s testing methods and likely testing areas. Revising these will help you improve on weak areas. If you have question banks for a course, it’s also a good idea to review them.

  2. Complete outstanding assignments: You want to earn all possible points to help your grades. If possible, reach out to your professors and ask for leniency for late assignments. There’s no guarantee you’ll get all you need to pass a course from one exam, so gather all the points you can from other forms of assessment.

  3. Group reading: As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” Reading and revising with a friend or a group of good students will help you understand unclear modules and motivate you to prepare well for an exam.

  4. Eat and Sleep: The body needs as much rest as it can get during this period so it doesn’t break down. Take breaks to rest or sleep as often as possible. The brain uses glucose as fuel, so it needs to refuel as often as possible during this period, so eat well and often.


As the semesters go by, it can get easier to accumulate old books from previous courses. In addition to taking up space and contributing to clutter, you could be missing out on opportunities to do and get some good. You can give out books, sell them, rent them, etc. Check out a list of 10 ways to save money on books.

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It is always good to ask questions, especially as a new student. Many unwritten codes exist, and there can’t possibly be an orientation to cover them all. When you have packed all the things you plan to leave in school, ask about proper and safe storage methods. You don’t want to resume for the next semester and begin to buy things you previously had or gave up too soon.


As international students, we always have finances on our minds. It is always important to know your financial status before the semester ends. Do you owe money? Will you owe money? Do you have a balance? Is your account on hold? A good way to do so is to check with the bursar’s office or log into your student portal.

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