Find out how to apply to funded graduate programs with limited resources. Learn all the ways you can get into your desired school. 

No sweat. No breaking the bank. No endless rejections.

You don't need this session if

You don’t care about an inspiring education that gives you a broad-enriching experience.

You don’t want to switch up your life and career trajectory in a new country.

You are not looking forward to applying and getting into funded programs without breaking the bank or taking too many exams.

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December 2nd - December 3rd. 2022

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Meet your coach

Winnie Adebayo

Founder, Winie’s Student World.

“My undergraduate and graduate studies in the US were free. As an international student and now a professional, I have a lot to say about living in the United States and navigating the system. I couldn’t be happier with the hundreds of people I have helped navigate their study and work abroad and can’t wait to share my knowledge with a new audience. ”

During this two-day session, I’ll walk you through how to find, apply and get accepted funded into programs that do not require you to pay high tuition fees.

Here's what you would be getting from this Bootcamp

Get all these for just $10

First 3 Participants get a scholarship essay for FREE!!!

Before you know it you would be able to

Prepare a fundable application

It is not enough to prepare and submit an application. There is a difference between getting admission and getting funded. We know what you need and we can show you.

Find funded programs

There are thousands of universities and a quick google search is not enough to identify the right fit. There are targeted ways to search and identify universities. We can show you.

Apply to schools and save money

The application process could be very financially demanding. We have identified ways to save money that can cut the cost of the entire application in half and make it more affordable.

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