Preparing to move to a new country can be very overwhelming because it feels like you have a zillion things to do. Figuring out where to live is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

The information in this video may appear too basic. However, if you want a simple breakdown of how to navigate searching for accommodation, you will appreciate this video.

The Tips Covered Include:

1) the Student Housing Office

Most universities have staff dedicated to helping students navigate the process of finding housing. The student housing office is an excellent resource because they may have a curated list of accommodations within and around campus with their pricing and floor-plans. They may also have a platform to match students with either accommodations or other students looking for roommates. Even better, they may have unique resources tailored to the needs of international students.

2) The International Student Organization/Association

Similarly, most universities that accept international students will have some form of organization support. Granted, based on some other factors, the structure and resources at the disposal of these organizations can differ from institution to institution. However, when available, international student associations/organizations remain an excellent resource. Apart from pointing you in the direction of where and how to find accommodation in a particular area, they are also a springboard for relationships with other international students.

3) RoomShare Websites

The are several websites (e.g., Craigslist, Trulia, Spareroom, Roomster, Roomies, etc.) that connect you with people within the same zip code or area who are looking to share accommodation. These websites are especially helpful if you are looking to save money or trying to recover from the financial strain of moving to a new country.

4) Good Old ‘Google’

Google may have been your first action in your search for apartments. If it was not, do not underestimate the power of Google-search. Searching Google may be overwhelming if you are moving to a big city. But it is particularly helpful when you are transitioning to a small city. Google searches give you a snapshot of what’s available in a particular area with corresponding prices to compare. An important tip is to search using zip codes as opposed to the city name. For example, Miami Florida has so many zip codes and just putting in ‘Miami’ will bring out too many options. But, if you search for apartments near a particular zip code ‘33155’, you will get more concise findings with options nearby.

5) Facebook Groups (Bonus)

This tip was not discussed in the video but provided by a fellow tribe member on Instagram. You can search Facebook to see if your university has a page that connects roommates. You could also find people who are looking to transfer their lease or get practical information on how and where to search for accommodation in that specific area.

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Now, it’s your turn. Tell me how you found accommodation when you first moved to a different country?

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