5 Very Easy Ways Students Can Save A Failing Grade

Have you been there?!?! On a sinking boat at the end of the semester, you’re either on your way to a grade you absolutely can’t have or outrightly FAILING the class. I know the feeling. There are ways a student can save a failing grade, even in the last minute. Here are 5 tested and […]

How to Manage Time During a Test

Hello My People, How is everyone doing? Winie is fabulous Today, we are going to discuss something that is very important to every student in the world. Exams or tests literally become our middle name in school. They are what we need to move from one level to the next in our academics. Failing exams/tests […]

How to Cope with Exam Failure

There are some tests you fail that are fairly insignificant. The ones that barely contribute to your final grade, or have no effect on your professional aspirations or you can easily recover the points you lost. Well, those kinds of failures may hurt, or give a slight pinch, and be forgotten soon. That’s not the […]