Very Easy Ways Students Can Save A Failing Grade

Have you been there?!?!

On a sinking boat at the end of the semester, you’re either on your way to a grade you absolutely can’t have or outrightly FAILING the class. I know the feeling. There are ways a student can save a failing grade, even in the last minute.

Here are 5 tested and tried methods to float that boat of yours. So, buckle up!

A) Do your best to score between a 90-100% on your final test or quiz or exam or assignment

In summary, whatever work you have left in this semester, a 100% is your only target. Too many times, we students tell ourselves we can’t get a score, aim below it mentally and in our preparation, and succeed in scoring even below what we aimed at. It happens all the time. If you aim for 100% and put in preparations that targets that, chances are you will score between an 80-100. This works for your grade when your instructor either plans to drop your lowest score when calculating a cumulative; or your final assignments weigh more, or have an equal weight with other assignments.

B) Do all the extra-point work

Sometimes, at the beginning of the semester, your teacher may offer you a point or two, or a certain percentage here and there for extra credit. Most people ignore it because of how small it seems initially. You can’t afford to anymore. No matter how insignificant, take advantage of anything available. It could be the final push you need at the end of the day

C) Ask for extra credit

This is not the time to fear your professor. The worst that can happen is you get a “No”. This one works like a miracle, especially with the seemingly mean instructors. The trick to it is, teachers are used to begging students to learn or take their life seriously, so when a student turns around and takes charge, it’s like a miracle and it softens their heart. You may not necessarily get extra-credit work, but you will force the teacher to think about you and how to help you. Whether they do at the end of the day or not, is worth the try.

D) If nothing has worked yet, get a larger group and go back to your professor

This might not apply to you, if the class is an easy class and you played away the semester (side eye). But, if it’s a class that has given everyone or a lot of people a tough time, you can make a stronger case for extra-credit work or adjusting grading scales or grade-curves, by going with more people to your professor. Find out from your classmates, if they need a push like you, form an organized group, and plead your case. You will be surprised at what those meetings do.

E) Pray

You didn’t think I would forget about this one, right? This is the first thing to do actually. Sometimes, it’s hard to pray when the reason you are failing the class is your carelessness. However, our God is a merciful God. You might not get exactly what you’re praying for but I promise you will get something that will help you. Whether it’s wisdom that’s not in this post, peace to accept the outcomes or a plan to move forward, God does not leave you hanging.

This post is coming from a perspective of the U.S undergraduate University system. I apologize to any of my readers that don’t find any of these tips helpful. You can fix that by sharing your location and what you have tried in the comment section.

I am rooting for everyone. Go and smash those exams. If you still fail, don’t lose hope.

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Make it a Winning-Day


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