5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A University

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Enough of all the emotional talk. Let’s handle today’s business.

Choosing a university is a very important decision. Some barely gave it serious consideration and got through without too much bruises. I’m not an expert. But based on my experiences and observations, this choice needs to be made after serious thought and consideration. Apart from having an educational experience with less hassles and more fulfillment, the choice of a university impacts the rest of your life. Here are five things everyone should consider before picking a university.

If you are an international student or planning to be one, this decision carries more weight.


The best case scenario is that you get a FULL SCHOLARSHIP. As much as I wish that for everyone, it might not happen that way. If you get a full scholarship from one school, I say “GO FOR IT”. Otherwise, the amount of tuition you are required to pay is one of the first things that should be considered. The cheapest school shouldn’t be your choice; neither does the most expensive school mean the ‘best education’. However, you should consider who will pay, and the quality of education you will be getting for that price. People have lost their sponsor too soon in their academic pursuit. In selecting a school with a good tuition, I hate to say it but ‘back-up plan’ has to be involved. In other words, if anything happens, your tuition should not be ‘UNBEARABLE’.

Cost of Living

Whether you have some scholarship or full scholarship, everyone has to consider this factor. This includes accommodation, feeding, and utilities. They seem very basic but each city and each school is very different. I have seen schools offer immaculate housing and food for little and schools that offer very crappy version of the same for a lot more. Some cities, especially the big ones cost more to rent an apartment, buy food or pay for utilities. This decision will depend on how much you have. In my opinion, once you pay for your tuition, find the best deal with what you have left. If you can afford better, get it, regardless of the cost. Life is not pretty when you sleep with COCKROACHES.


This might not be a priority for many or might even be a ‘luxury’ to be considered. However, if you have several options on the table, a place that is too hot, too cold, or humid can make a difference. I hate cold weather. I had a hard time with my first winter; my nose was stuffed and I coughed badly most of the time. My friend Zi, can’t stand the hot humid weather (she’s a mess). Most people say cold weather is better because you can dress warm, but you can’t strip naked for hot weather. Everyone is different. But a weather that doesn’t suit you can make a big difference. If you have certain allergies that are predominant in certain temperatures or get sick under certain temperatures, it is important to pick a school that has less or none of such weathers or temperature.


 After living in a city that had no means of public transportation, I can tell you it’s IMPORTANT. Little things can seem very difficult, when there’s no way to get around. Most times, you have to get a car or have a very good friend you can bug, if you live in such areas. As regards transportation, you can choose a school located in an area that has a good bus or train system, or choose a school that is within walking distance of grocery stores or choose a school that is isolated, without a transport system and be prepared to buy a car or hope and pray you find a friend that has one.


This is very important. For international students, there’s something called ‘health insurance’. In the US, everyone is required to have it. I’ll tell you, it could range anywhere from ‘nothing-but-Tylenol (headache-pill)’ to ‘maybe-you’ll-get surgery’. You may have to get health insurance; some premiums and co-pays are higher than others. If you can, find out what their policy covers and get as much information as you can. Make sure the school you choose has good health coverage for you. Don’t be fooled, expensive premiums don’t necessarily mean good coverage.

The Strength of the Program

 Your education is very important. Above everything, make sure the school you choose can give you a good education. Ask about their graduates, look at their curriculum, compare classes and requirements for the degree. Remember, you are coming out to compete with the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please share! You might just help someone. If you’re a student and you have other tips, please share.

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