Walking Tips for Students who want to Stay Healthy

Stepz. I’m absolutely in love with it. It shows the miles you have walked, how many calories you burned, the number of steps you take, weekly average, etc. If you have an iPhone, the app called “health” does the same thing. If you are not a fan of apps or carrying your phone everywhere, you can buy a pedometer; it does the same thing and you can wear it on your arm or anywhere you want.

#4 Get a walking partner

I don’t know how God did this but we were created to do more and better together, in comparison to doing it alone. It works everywhere in life. Walking is certainly not out of it. Getting a friend or colleague to walk with will go a long way in making the exercise more interesting and fun.

More tips:

1) Walking in flip-flops does absolutely no good. The blisters under my leg are a testament to that. Please, get sneakers and protect your feet.

2) Water! Going walking without water is like putting your hand on a fire and expecting not to get burned. I didn’t know I could drink as much water until I started this. Get a water bottle and you are set.

Make it a Winning-Week


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