Come and see, oh! This has happened before, but now I have to call for help. Can you imagine?

I’m here trying to concentrate and all of a sudden, my office connived with my senses to start harassing me with thoughts of ‘Okra Soup’. Okra soup is a Nigerian delicacy. There are so many versions and recipes online. One of my favorite bloggers, Sisi Yemmie put up a recipe recently.

Click to see Sisi Yemmie’s Recipe

It’s definitely on my to-do list to cook Okra soup very soon.

Some days ago, I was in the same office when I started to experience another harassment with ‘Party Jollof Rice’. Please take note…not  ‘jollof rice’….it’s ‘party jollof rice’. What’s the difference?

Back in Nigeria, party jollof rice was prepared for ceremonies, hence the name. It was usually cooked with firewood and the pot is allowed to burn…let it burn….let it burn…burn…burn. There is this flavor that is born and oh mine, it is really TANTALIZING.

So you can tell I love food. A lot! Getting a PhD can be very demanding, but one of the best ways to relieve stress is through good food. Since I have started blogging, I will be sharing pictures of those meals that take the edge off. Speaking of that, I tried to make shawarma some weeks ago.

Shawarma is originally a Mediterranean dish, but you can trust us Nigerians to put a spin and our signature on it. There are a few  Nigerian food blogs. For my shawarma, I used the recipe from Nigerian FoodTV. The recipe was easy to follow; it was my first time and it turned out very well. I enjoyed it!

Let me get back to school work. Till we chat again, my comment box is just a scroll away.

Have a Winning-Day

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  1. Hahahaha. I DEFINITELY know what you mean by party jollof rice. Da best shaa! Kai, see how you've distracted me nah *wipes drool off laptop* :/

  2. HAHAH…I'm glad you gerrit. Party jollof is the best! Oh my dear, didn't mean to distract you. But the drool, NYAKATAMA! I'm still your person sha.

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