I’m hiding my face as I type this post. It’s been an unintentional break in transmission. I hope my explanation earns your forgiveness. Before I continue ‘How u doin?’ (in my Wendy Williams voice).

I started 2016 with the plan of never missing a week on WSW. Out of all the things I do, I absolutely love blogging. So….. things didn’t go as planned and I have been missing in action for the last two weeks. For that, I am sorry…

I like to believe that I have a life, but actually, PhD program has more shares and the deciding power. Yes! PhD is my boss. PhD calls, I just answer without questioning. PhD barks, and I jump. PhD sneezes, and I’m awake. Yeah! Ask me, two years ago and I would have told you that I will spend my days in graduate school laying on South beach and drinking Pina Colada. Remember my goals for 2016, turns out that I underestimated the work that it will actually require. Currently, I’m focusing on preparing some of my drafts for publication and it is really whipping my behind. Let’s not talk about my sleep hours; they are non-existent. 

Also, the dissertation phase is gradually creeping up and that means, being confused is no longer cute. I have to zone in on my research questions, and clean them up, to make them succinct and sound intelligent. All that means is, if you wake me up in the middle of a semi-deep sleep, I will wake up screaming ‘HIV’. Yeah! Plenty reading!

After all is said and done, I’m privileged to go on this journey. Of course it is stressful and demanding, but it’s more rewarding than I can ever put into words. Hopefully, my time management skills get better and WSW get more amazing posts! (lol).

I’ve missed you, my readers! I see the numbers! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT. You all are awesome!

Until we chat in the comment section,

Have a Winning-Day.

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