Crazy Faith Part 1

If you haven’t read that one, the story will not be sweet …. Don’t worry, I will wait for you.

I was at 85% at this
point. I could feel fear creeping into my mind and heart as I tried to stay
calm. I had scheduled two international conferences, both of which I was a
presenter, and needed my US visa to be valid so that I could re-enter the
UNITED STATES; you see what I mean. The next two hours felt like longest wait
of my life. We sat in the aircraft, just WAITING; worst of all, not being sure
of what we were waiting for. I constantly checked my phone for other flights,
alternatives, anything that will get me to Vancouver. All my search ended in a
dark nothing.

The pilot announced
again, that we were not just grounded, but that we should start preparing to
disembark from the plane. We the passengers, were not even sure of what was
going on – are we flying or not? Nobody could really answer the questions. We
filed ourselves out of the airplane, back into the airport. At this point, I
was at 100%.

A few minutes later,
someone casually announced that the flight was cancelled. “Cancelled ke!” The
person continued by announcing that the shift of the crew that was supposed to
take us to Houston was over; they had clocked out. I wasn’t sure of how to
react – laugh or cry. Who knew that the shift of a pilot could end and it
warranted leaving passengers in the airport? This was breaking news to me.

Continued in Part 3

Make it a Winning-Day


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