6 Common Financial Scams To Avoid When Applying to Study In The United States

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Hey Tribe! How are you doing?

I’m doing well, but my heart is heavy today. I’m tired of hearing horror stories about how people are cheated and deceived into paying money for things they shouldn’t pay for. These dupes, take advantage of people’s naivety and desperation.

Applying to study abroad comes with its fair share of complexity. This is very intimidating for people who are unfamiliar with the process or afraid to make mistakes or want to get the best. This has put all kinds of people in business in the name of ‘helping out’. Both people that know what they are doing and those that don’t have a clue of what it takes to even secure an admission, all have joined in this business. The worst is the ridiculous amount they charge; especially for things that don’t even require money.

There’s so much to say on this matter. With several posts, I hope I come close to exhausting ways to do to identify these dupes. We don’t need people swindling money from us or our parents. Today, I will talk about one aspect of this problem.

Here are things you DON’T pay for when applying to universities in the US. If someone asks you to bring money for any of this, just know they are thieves

#1 – Scholarship

This is just really dumb. Obviously, people apply for scholarships because they want some form of financial aid, why then should you pay to receive a scholarship? There are situations where some schools will require an application fee. However, it is very rare and the fees are not outrageous; they are very minimal. It will also be clearly stated on the school’s website and/or you can call to confirm. I recently heard someone tell me, they were asked to pay $3,000 for scholarship application….WHAT???!!!????!!!!! This is Wickedness.

 #2 – Admission

You can’t or shouldn’t be buying an admission. Please note, there is a difference between application and admission. You will most likely have to pay an application fee. I’m yet to see a school charge more than $100 for undergraduate admission. The situation might be different for graduate students. Then again, these fees will be CLEARLY stated on the school’s website and you can confirm it via any means of communication with THE SCHOOL(not your agent). An application doesn’t guarantee an admission. But if someone tells you to pay some ridiculous amount to secure an admission with a school, you should be worried. Firstly, they are most like trying to swindle you off money. Secondly, if the school official they are working with gets caught, you admission could be revoked. Admission is based on your application and merit.

#3 – Immigration Papers

Once people hear ‘immigration’, their blood pressure rises. Please calm down!!!!! When you are applying to study in the US, the only payment you make regarding immigration is for SEVIS fee to Department of Homeland Security. The last I checked it is $200 for F-1 and $180 for J-1. THERE IS NO OTHER IMMIGRATION PAPER TO PAY FOR! Anybody that tells you otherwise is a THIEF.

#4 – Visa

Really?!!!? This visa-business needs divine intervention. People have suffered because of ignorance. First of all, YOU CAN’T BUY A U.S VISA. You pay for an application which is $160, but that is all the money you’re officially charged. If you pay more than that to get a visa, someone has stolen from you. Visa interviews are done randomly. You don’t know who will speak with you, so anyone that tells you they will bribe the consular officer for you is also A THIEF. No amount of money will guarantee you getting the visa

#5 – Apartment Deposit

It’s exciting, isn’t it? New admission and finding an apartment. Don’t let the excitement fool you. Those thieves take advantage of the emotional highs. I suggest, you wait till you see the apartment or verify through multiple sources, before you send money from another location for an apartment. No matter how nice or considerate a person might seem from far, promises are empty words and your hard-earned money could be the price.

#6 – GUARANTEED anything

Gaining admission to a university in a US institution is based on your application and merit. Other factors that play into the process such as, interview and visa, still depends heavily on the part you play. Anytime you are considering working with someone and they charge you an amount and use the word ‘Guaranteed’ to rope you in, they are not only lying but trying to take money from you. As a matter of fact, once you hear ‘guaranteed’, please take to your heels.

This post is not to bash people that make their living from helping other people secure admission to schools abroad. This post is calling out the evil that is being done in the process. I hope you read and share and let people you care about know the truth. The process of applying and gaining admission is financial demanding as it is, can we breathe?!

Make it a Winning-Day


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