Do You Deal With Insecurities Like Me?

Do You Deal With Insecurities? I do too and it’s ok. Don’t be discouraged! Everyone goes through moments where they struggle with negative thoughts. Let’s figure this out together in this blog post.

Wondering How The Story Ends

I felt similar things four years ago after my bachelors. I am taking it one day at a time and these are some things I have been doing to keep the peace in my head and heart. Meditation If you are still in the category of people that wait for things or people to make […]

Man Problems

It’s a tale as old as time. You know …. Men. I and my roomie were on a roll a few days ago, dissecting the issues that surround matters of the heart. So, we are at that age and point in our lives, where the idea of ‘settling down’ has moved from some abstract, imaginary, […]

6 Common Financial Scams To Avoid When Applying to Study In The United States

Hey Tribe! How are you doing? I’m doing well, but my heart is heavy today. I’m tired of hearing horror stories about how people are cheated and deceived into paying money for things they shouldn’t pay for. These dupes, take advantage of people’s naivety and desperation. Applying to study abroad comes with its fair share […]

10 Common Ignorant Questions People Have Asked African International Students

I appreciate curiosity. The only way to live life fully, is to ask questions often. However, while we often say ‘there’s no stupid question’, there are questions that gives the inquirer a bad look. Being an international student with a Nigerian accent, I expect questions all the time. This is the same with most people […]