How To Apply And Get Funding With A Low GPA

A low GPA is not the end of your dream to study abroad.

Regardless of your grades in secondary school or undergraduate study, you can still apply to funded programs. It is possible to be an excellent student but still struggle with standardized tests. If your grades are not perfect, you must have something else to show that you’re an excellent student. Your results are not enough for an application profile especially. These are some ways to prepare a strong application when you have a low GPA.

1.  Look for other educational/academic opportunities and engage them

These opportunities could be formal or informal. With the advent of the internet, there are online courses you can take. A number of these online courses are free and enable people to get adequate knowledge simply by signing up for the courses. Free courses are an amazing way to increase your knowledge and skills. In your application, you can mention these online courses and use them to show schools you’re a good fit and will be successful.

2.  Improve yourself in non-academic areas

If you do not have perfect grades, you should ensure you improve other aspects of your life. Engage in volunteer activities and leadership positions. Make sure your resume is filled with meaningful experiences that will make you a well-rounded candidate. You can explore creative ways to fill up your resume in this post.

3.  Consider alternative exams

Do not be ashamed of having to retake an exam. Embrace failure as an opportunity to do better in the future. Some standardized tests/exams have alternatives or equivalents that you can explore. For example, you can either take the SAT or ACT, or choose between TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo. You can do better in alternative exams and use that for your application.

4.  Network

Reach out to the schools you are interested in and begin to create a relationship. Introduce yourself, tell them about your interests, and ask meaningful questions that show you are interested and have done your research. Start building relationships before sending your application. This will make them interested in you as an applicant/student and increase your chances of a favorable review.

5.  Make sure you prepare a thorough application

You can’t afford to prepare an application that isn’t thorough and without a great deal of attention. If you have already had an unsuccessful application and you are going back to the same school, your application will be scrutinized even more. When you write your resume, personal statement, and other relevant documents for application, critical review and edit them. We have services that can help you prepare a strong application. Check them out here.

Applying to study in Canada or the US is time and resource-intensive. We understand the pressure to be successful. The WSW team wishes you the absolute best. Remember, you can reach out to us if you have any questions as you complete your application. Our advice and recommendation are always FREE.

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