Do You Deal With Insecurities Like Me?

Do You Deal With Insecurities? I do too and it’s ok. Don’t be discouraged! Everyone goes through moments where they struggle with negative thoughts. Let’s figure this out together in this blog post.

New Year Goals Vs Last Year Accomplishments

So, I have a confession! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know by now – I WENT HOME!!!! I still get butterflies in my tummy talking about my trip. It was a much needed vacation and I had a swell time. Special thanks to my AMAZING parents! Last year, I carried my big mouth […]

Delays, Denials, Disappointments: My US Visa Story – Part 3 (Final)

Continued from Part 2 Missed Part 1? The weeks following my first visa denial are almost a complete blur. I just immersed myself back into what was my daily activities, thinking very minimally about the ordeal I experienced. A part of me was significantly consoled by my JAMB score that year; that in itself is […]

Delays, Denials, Disappointments: My US Visa Story – Part 1

“God’s time is the best” – If you are like me, I grew up associating that sentence with very sad situations. It was usually someone who was waiting painfully for something and was trying to convince listeners that he/she is consoled. I just became a year older on the 31st of May, and I took […]

Let’s Talk About 2016 Goals and Dreams…Are You Ready?

Simple Math about Life , talks about weighing the alternative of not believing in God. God is REAL and believing in God through Jesus Christ, has given me a fulfillment that words cannot explain. To get closer to God, I plan to increase my daily Bible study, set out at least 30 minutes of my […]