3 Very Simple Ways to Rock Ankara Head Tie and Braids/Dreadlocks

Hi Everyone, How are you doing? I smell love in the house; how was Valentine’s Day? For me, I went to work; but, I ended the evening with a good old girls-night and it was amazing.  What about you; what did you do? February in the US is ‘Black History Month’. In honor of this, […]

Valentine’s Day Lip Swatches

Hi Everyone How are you doing? This is a Valentine’s Day special…lol. So, I’ve wanted to do lip swatches for a long time. The idea to assign a mood to the lipstick for Valentine’s day came and I was so excited. I had fun with my brain analyzing these lipsticks. These opinions are for FUN […]

How I Snagged A Free Mini Vacation + My EgyptAir Experience

My People! How body? PhD has been doing me strong things. In other news, I am now a PhD Candidate. Wohooo! Cairo International Airport On arriving, I inquired about who to talk to about our layover, and I was immediately told to go to a counter for FREE accommodation. I was so relieved, but then […]

I Forgot to Say ‘Thank You’ – Crazy Faith Part 3

Crazy Faith Part 1 Crazy Faith Part 2 If you haven’t read them, the story will not be sweet …. Don’t worry, I will wait for you. As soon as I took a few minutes to relax, I went back to my Olivia-Pope-Mode. I started googling the US embassy contact information in Canada, and sending […]

The Poison of Worry

I have always been one to make so many plans for the future, in the present. It’s a habit that is split in its supporters; some encourage and others discourage it. Personally, I have experienced the good and bad sides of this behavior. On one hand, it helps me focus and achieve goals better; on […]

Vegetable Coconut Rice Recipe for Students

INGREDIENTS a) 1 Cup of Parboiled Rice f) 1/2 teaspoon of  Curry and Thyme g) 1 seasoning cube h) Salt to taste i) 1/2 teaspoon of Rosemary Steps a) Wash and parboil the rice. b) Chop vegetables d) Stir and taste for salt/spices. Add more, if necessary. Add the parboiled rice, stir and cover. Keep […]

The Flight-Hole : Crazy Faith Part 2

Crazy Faith Part 1 If you haven’t read that one, the story will not be sweet …. Don’t worry, I will wait for you. I was at 85% at this point. I could feel fear creeping into my mind and heart as I tried to stay calm. I had scheduled two international conferences, both of […]

I’ve Been Away, But I’m Back! – Crazy Faith Part 1

Whew! There’s so much to say about my experiences. Don’t worry, the posts will roll in. Between, school has resumed for a lot of people. Congratulations to everyone who is starting or continuing any form of education. Have you done your shopping? Check out these 9 stores with awesome back-to-school deals. I titled the experience of […]

What I Tell Myself, Before Indulging in Midnight Junk Foods

I’ll be the first to let it out: I am a Registered Nurse, doing a PhD in Nursing Science. Yes, I know I have ‘HEALTH’ plastered all over my forehead. I can recite the consequences of eating late and worse, foods high in sugar, in my sleep. But my dear, let me tell you, all […]