Valentine’s Day Lip Swatches

Hi Everyone

How are you doing?

This is a Valentine’s Day special…lol. So, I’ve wanted to do lip swatches for a long time. The idea to assign a mood to the lipstick for Valentine’s day came and I was so excited. I had fun with my brain analyzing these lipsticks. These opinions are for FUN ONLY. This is what I came up with – ENJOY!

This is a MAC matte lipstick that comes in a deep purple color. It’s a very happy color. I think it represents a good time in a relationship. So, if everything has been going very well and this Valentine’s day is to celebrate love. I would recommend this lipstick

NARS  VIVIEN – “I Hope You Got Me Something Pretty”

This is a pink lip paint from LA GIRL. It also finishes moist. I like the warmth of this lip paint. I think it fits when you are giving something a shot. It could be a new relationship, or an old one that has been through turbulent times. You step out with your best foot, hoping for love.


This is a blood-red lip pencil from NARS. It’s bold and could give a serious look. I think it fits when you are going out to iron out issues in your relationship and have deep, meaningful conversations that might not have an element of romance.

MAC RUBY WOO – “Don’t Look For My Trouble”

Who doesn’t know “Ruby Woo”? This is an elegant red. I think it fits when you just want to do all bad by yourself. You are happy, and you want to have a great time regardless of anything or anyone. More importantly, you don’t want anyone to spoil your mood.

NYX TRANSYLVANIA – “Where Is This Relationship Going”

This is a very dark purple with a matte finish. It’s my current favorite lipstick. It gives a bold no-nonsense look. This fits when you want to ask the painful questions, and unfortunately part ways if you have to.

I had an amazing time filming this and deciding what each of these lipsticks mean. This is my opinion alone, but I would like to know if you agree or disagree. Have you seen my Vlog about this?

As always, tell me what you think in the comment section.

Lots of love.

Have a Winning-Day


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