The Poison of Worry

I have always been one to make so many plans for the future, in the present. It’s a habit that is split in its supporters; some encourage and others discourage it. Personally, I have experienced the good and bad sides of this behavior. On one hand, it helps me focus and achieve goals better; on […]

How I had My ‘Me-Time’

More than a week has gone by ALREADY! How are you doing? I hope 2016 has been beautiful for you. A lot of people have resumed ‘normal’ life. Yikes! Me too. I resumed on the 4th, and right now, I don’t even feel like I ever had a break; everything is back with full speed. […]

Beyond The Turkey: 7 Fun Ways Students Can Spend Thanksgiving Holiday

You can try my cheap and easy jollof rice recipe .  #4 Catch up on your shows/movies The semester may have been very intense and you might have completely ignored your favorite TV shows or even entertainment in general. This is a good time to kick-back and really binge-watch your shows. Get pop-corn from the […]