What to do When a Professor Has a Different Accent

As an international student in a foreign country like America or Canada, which is home to all, it is very likely that you will encounter some foreign professors or lecturers with strong accents. This might sometimes make it more difficult to grasp what they are teaching or cause a stilt in communication. An accent doesn’t […]

How To Deal With Homesickness As An International Student

Moving to a new country can be exciting at first but after some time the novelty wears off. You start to miss the little things that made up your old life like food, and especially loved ones. It’s even worse with time difference that makes it difficult to connect when you want. You may have […]

Do You Deal With Insecurities Like Me?

Do You Deal With Insecurities? I do too and it’s ok. Don’t be discouraged! Everyone goes through moments where they struggle with negative thoughts. Let’s figure this out together in this blog post.