Ways To Manage Burnout From Online Classes or Working From Home

I have itemized some of the ways to manage burnout from online classes or working from home. They have worked for me and I am sure they can work for you too. I'm always happy to help.

Are you feeling ‘Zoomed’ out?

I am too. We are all navigating working and schooling from home in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Between meetings and classes, your computer has probably turned into something you don’t recognize that torments you.

Okay, first breathe in and breathe out. I’m serious! Do it one more time (Breathe In & Out).

Don’t you feel a little better?

Here are some ways to manage our online life a little better.

1) Create a dedicated workspace for your computer and online life.

This helps you have a place to go to and a place you can leave. It simulates your office or classroom, and you at least feel like you’re getting away from it.

2) Participate in the class or meeting.

You probably thought zoning out was helping. There’s a whole-brain science behind it, but the gist of it is our brain gets bored when we are not engaging it, and it contributes to that yucky feeling you have in that long class.  When you engage, ask, and answer questions, share your ideas, you not only enjoy the process more, but it makes the time go by faster and be more interesting.

3) You need your buddies, engage them too.

Whether it’s school or work, having people around you, even the annoying ones, helps our mental health. Don’t do this alone. Get a reading or work buddy. There’s no reason you can’t work with someone via facetime/Zoom and motivate each other to get work done.  Except you love flying solo, then, by all means, FLY HIGH!

4) Plan and do the work needed before your next class or meeting.

The truth is that not everyone is super organized. I’m raising my hand very high because I am ‘not everyone’’ and ‘not everyone’ is me. However, there are bite-sized works you could do to get from one meeting or class to another without overwhelming yourself. Not doing even those is both unhelpful and will tremendously add to the stress or burnout you’re feeling. Take the time, do the work, and you will be grateful to yourself.

5) Reduce distractions.

You can’t work efficiently when multiple things are constantly competing for your attention. You may need to turn off your phone or TV; close social media tabs and emails; maybe even ditch your headphones. But tell yourself the truth about whether whatever else is helping or hurting your attention.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list. So, share with the tribe. What are you doing to reduce burnout or getting zoomed-out?

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